Why Business Cards Are Not a Dying Breed

With advances in technology and people relying on this technology to keep in contact with others, some have deemed business cards as going to the wayside. They argue that with easy ways to store contact information such as in an email list or through networking sites such as LinkedIn that business cards are becoming irrelevant…. Read post »

Marketing Insights from Current TV Shows

Marketing methods and ideas can come from a plethora of sources. Industry professionals, your own brain, staff, colleagues, competitors and customers are just a few of these many sources. One source you may not think of is current TV shows. There are many TV shows out with a focus on business, and they are entertaining… Read post »

Effective Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an excellent tool for communicating with customers and potential customers. Using a service such as Constant Contact allows you to easily and cost-efficiently create informative, eye-catching emails to inform customers in real time. We prefer using Constant Contact. Their prices are good, their templates are nice and it is fairly simple to… Read post »

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing is important, we all know that. Funding marketing can also be a challenge; we all know that as well. Start-ups, part-time businesses, and microbusinesses may not have a large budget for marketing and advertising. Does this sound like your business? Well, have no fear, there are several low or no cost ways to market… Read post »

QR Codes: What Are They and What Do They Do?

It is no secret that technology has drastically altered marketing strategies and techniques over the years. From web to mobile, new avenues to market your business are everywhere. One interesting tool that has come to light is the QR code. What is a QR code?  Well, let’s start with what QR stands for: Quick Response…. Read post »