With the growth of web-based marketing channels, video has become a great tool for marketing small businesses. No longer is video use restricted to TV commercials. Now, video can be integrated with a company’s website and social media or stand alone via channels such as Youtube.

What Should My Videos Be About?
Videos can cover a variety of topics. General videos about the business itself are great for a small business’s website. Educational videos such as DIY tips, industry tips, professional advice, etc. are great for establishing a business as an expert in its industry. Testimonial videos are an excellent way to build credibility. Other ideas include seasonal videos, special event videos, and comedic spoofs. Just make sure the video idea matches the image the business wants to have.

Where Can I Put These Videos?
Youtube and Vimeo are two very good websites to use to upload your videos to. Create a channel for your business, complete with links to your website and social media. Once your video is uploaded to one of these sites, you can then embed it on your website or share it through your social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.).

Isn’t It Expensive to Produce Videos?
Not really! We have produced videos for small businesses at very affordable rates (as little as $175). And the great part is you have these videos to use as long as you’d like to!

Utilizing video is a great way to make your message more interesting to customers and potential customers. People are very visual, so give them something visual about your business!