Do you have something newsworthy occuring at your business? Maybe you should be in the news!

Of course, it’s not quite that easy. The media needs to know the who, what, where, when, why and how. And this information needs to be presented in a compelling way so that the media cares enough to cover it.

A press release is an excellent way to communicate this information to the media. A professional, well-written press release about a newsworthy happening sent to the right people will give your business a solid chance of landing news coverage.

What types of happenings are newsworthy? A business milestone (such as 25 years in business or a grand opening), a significant new hire, expansion, community/charity work, or something out-of-the-norm are examples of happenings that may be deemed newsworthy.

Ready to explore a press release for something occuring at your business? Let’s talk.

Case Study: Press Release for Esperanto

Esperanto was set to have a local artist paint a mural on their interior restaurant walls. The painting would occur during business hours so that people could come in and watch. Prolific Marketing was tasked with writing and distributing a press release about this, and our press release resulted in 4 media placements.