Twitter 101 for Business: The Basics

So you’re looking at using Twitter for business? Good for you! Twitter can have some really excellent benefits for business. Let’s start off with a few of those benefits: Networking – Twitter is a great way to network with others in your industry or others who have interests that relate to your business. Joining Conversations… Read post »

Pinterest: What Is It and Who Is Using It?

By now we know social media is a big deal.  Tons of people use it, and they use it often.  The costs for businesses to utilize social media are low as well (can be free if the business owner is social media savvy, or can be low cost if a business utilizes a swell marketing… Read post »

5 Ways a Business Can Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the leading social media platform for business to business. It is an excellent way for professionals to reach and connect with other professionals. This connection may be a potential client, potential referral source, potential strategic partner, potential supplier, or just a good general networking connection. Many business professionals wonder how they can maximize… Read post »

Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Marketing is important, we all know that. Funding marketing can also be a challenge; we all know that as well. Start-ups, part-time businesses, and microbusinesses may not have a large budget for marketing and advertising. Does this sound like your business? Well, have no fear, there are several low or no cost ways to market… Read post »

Leveraging Pop Culture in Social Media

Most marketers know that it is important to get the conversation going on social media.  Engaging your fan base is critical for multiple reasons.  It helps your brand stick in their minds, it often increases how much of your content they see (Facebook in particular), and it gets your brand in front of their friends… Read post »