Email marketing is a great tool to add to your marketing arsenal. When used properly, it is an excellent way to stay in front of your brand followers, share news, drive traffic to your website, promote an event and generate sales. One of the keys to a successful email marketing program is a healthy list of email addresses. So how can you build this list?

Here are 10 practical ways you can build your email marketing list:

  1. Place an easy email signup on your website that connects to your email marketing account
  2. Create a giveaway at events you exhibit at with the mode of entry being providing an email address
  3. Offer a free resource on your website that people can access by giving their email address with permission to receive your emails
  4. Develop a loyalty program that rewards customers for doing business with you while also providing you with their email address
  5. Place an old school email signup sheet on the counter in your business
  6. Add a checkbox “Yes, I’d like to receive email news and special offers” to the contact form on your website
  7. Run a contest for people to win something of value that requires entrants to provide an email address with permission to email them
  8. See if your point-of-sale system has the functionality to collect customer email addresses and export them as a CSV or Excel file that you can then import to your email marketing account
  9. Add an email signup option to the checkout process of your online store
  10. Train your staff to properly promote and utilize any list building initiatives that you have implemented

With a growing email list, quality content and consistent send schedule, you will be on your way to email marketing success! If you have any questions about email marketing, please feel welcome to contact us.