Facebook Live is taking the world by storm. With ease, brands can live stream video with the simple click of a button. People watching can comment and you will be able to see those comments as they are made so that you can respond if you’d like (an awesome way to interact with your community). Your followers can even receive notifications when you Go Live so they know to tune in.

Perhaps you’d like to try Facebook Live but aren’t quite sure what to Go Live about. We have a few ideas for you!

10 Ways to Use Facebook Live

  1. Q&A – take questions via the comments and answer them in real time
  2. Something that is happening right now, such as a special visitor at your business or an impromptu office nerf gun fight
  3. Pre-show for an event you are hosting or participating in
  4. Tour of your business
  5. Press conference about something newsworthy
  6. Talk about a hot topic that is relevant to your audience
  7. Interview someone that your audience would find interesting and take questions via the comments
  8. Teach your audience something like how to make a stir fry or how to prune a rose bush, and take their questions via the comments
  9. A special performance such as a song by an artist that is meant specifically for your followers, like a special mini-concert just for those watching your Live stream
  10. An interactive free preview of something you offer such as a paint & sip or workout class to give people a taste of what they can expect and entice them to visit you for the real deal

To learn more about Facebook Live, click here.

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So have some fun, Go Live, and take your brand-community interaction to the next level!