You’re starting a new business? Congratulations! This is a very exciting time. You are in for an amazing journey, and we want you to start that journey off on the right foot. The following marketing must-haves should be at the top of your list.

1. Logo
A professional logo is critical to your brand and will be something people come to identify you by. Your logo should be on your marketing materials from day 1.

2. Business Cards
As a business owner, you will inevitably meet and tell people about your business. Having a business card to give them with all of your contact information is extremely important. They might even want 2 or 3 to give to family and friends (say hello to your new customers!).

3. Website
Yes, we’re saying it – you need a website! In today’s digital world, a website is an absolute must-have. Not only will people ask for it and look for it, but it will also help you get found. Often times, people will visit your website before they even contact you – it’s your first impression.

4. Email Address
A professional email address shows that you’re serious. Instead of, opt for In addition to sounding better, it tells people what your website is – which is always a plus.

5. Press Release
People need to know about your new business, right? Sending a well-written press release to appropriate media is a great way to gain exposure. A new business is valid news, so let the media know about it.

6. Google Business Listing
Google is the go-to for internet searches, so claiming and optimizing your Google Business Listing is a great way to help people find your business and all of its important information like hours of operation, location, phone number and website.

7. Facebook Page
Okay, we’re not saying every business needs a Facebook Page. If your target market isn’t there, maybe your resources are better spent elsewhere. But if you’re looking to spread the word fast about your new business, we’d be wrong to not mention Facebook. The power of social can play a big role in people hearing about your new business. Factor in the affordability of Facebook ads and this may very well be a must-have.

While this is certainly not a complete list (and a complete list would vary depending on the type of business you are starting), the above marketing must-haves are generally applicable to just about every type of new business. So start off on the right foot and get going on your marketing!